Welcome to Ascended Masters 101!

This channel is all about the teachings of the ascended masters as released through their messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Here we’ll chat about all things ascended masters – who they are, how they graduated from the school room of earth, and what they teach us today about how to follow in their footsteps to master time and space and (finally) reunite with God forever. It’s the real, individual path of sainthood, initiation, personal mentorship and ultimate love that we’ve known deep down is out there somewhere. It has been alive and well throughout the ages and across all religions. Jesus walked it, Buddha walked it, and countless others, too. Congratulations, today you too have found it. And perhaps after a lifetime (or more) of searching! As a student of the ascended masters myself, I’m sharing my passion for this path with you. So, sit back, enjoy, and let’s explore this treasure together!

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