The Cosmic Clock in Two Minutes

The cosmic clock—shrouded in mystery and entirely unknown to the vast majority of people. Yet it’s one of the most effective tools to really help you accelerate on the spiritual path. Best of all, it’s summarized here in only 2 MINUTES!

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Hello friends, and welcome to Ascended Masters 101 where we talk about the teachings of the ascended masters. Today I want to tell you about the cosmic clock because it is such an incredible boon to your spiritual path that I can’t in good conscience go any further with this channel without telling you about it.

It’s a fairly large topic and I’m sure will include many videos, but today, I’m going to try to describe the overall idea to you in only two minutes, so here we go! 

The cosmic clock is a spiritual tool given to us by the Ascended Master Mother Mary. It is an inner, ascended master astrology that’s different from traditional astrology. 

I’d say it does three main things. As you may know, the earth is a spiritual schoolroom, according to the teachings of the ascended masters. And a major thing the cosmic clock does is help you anticipate your upcoming tests that you receive in this schoolroom. It is like having a spiritual cheat sheet for those tests.

The Ascended Master Mighty Victory said, “If you do not come to the test prepared, do not expect to pass the test. It is as simple as that.” The cosmic clock helps us come to the test prepared and is like heaven’s way of giving us a leg up in the schoolroom of earth. 

Second, the cosmic clock helps you to understand which types of karmic energies (both good and bad) are returning to you. Everything that you are is the result of all you have ever been or done. So, getting not only a grasp but, with the cosmic clock, a real handle and mastery of these unseen forces in our lives is a huge help in riding the crest of the wave spiritually. 

You will learn to transmute, through the power of the spoken word, past causes and their present effects. By applying this science, you can leave behind, with intention and awareness, old, outworn versions of yourself and become a new person entirely.

Finally, this science allows you to chart the cycles of your dharma. Your dharma is your reason for being, your opportunity to be your real self. It’s where you are going spiritually, your divine destiny. 

So, to summarize, I would say that the cosmic clock helps you to pass the tests you receive in earth’s schoolroom by knowing what they are ahead of time, to understand and master the cycles of your returning karma, and to discover your unique divine destiny. 

And that’s it—the cosmic clock in under two minutes! All I can say is, thank you to Mother Mary! As the divine mother to us all that she is, she certainly is taking care of us and has given us some incredible tools to help us be successful as we search for God. Now all we have to do is learn how to use these tools and apply them in our lives. More on that soon! 

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