Strategies of Light and Darkness

If you could sneak a peek at the devil’s notebook and read all about the tricks that he uses to trip you up, would you? The ascended masters MAKE THIS POSSIBLE by telling us about all 33 strategies of darkness! It’s time to start winning in the chess game between you and your lower self. So let’s learn the chess moves!

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The Enemy Within

Strategies of Light and Darkness BOOK

Strategies of Light and Darkness BOOK

Welcome, everyone, to another episode of Ascended Masters 101 where we talk about the teachings of the ascended masters! Today we are going to start a new series about one of my very favorite topics – the strategies of light and darkness. The reason I love this topic so much is because it is like the sparknotes that you need to win in the chess game of your spiritual life.

Let me explain. So, we all know that we have a higher self and a lower self. Our higher self is the part of ourself that is joyous, inspired, connected. Our lower self, also called the shadow self, the carnal mind, or the dweller on the threshold, is the one sitting across from you on the other side of the chess board. It’s the part of yourself that is bend on tripping you up in your spiritual life and keeping you from making spiritual progress. As I explain to my four year old, it’s your little me.

And this little Devil is super devious. He literally has a bag of tricks, or tactics that he uses to trip us up over and over again. And we have fallen for this same bag of tricks time and again. In fact, the ascended masters have told us that these tricks have worked so well on us that these devils have not needed to come up with new ones for thousands and thousands of years. So, these strategies of darkness are ancient, and these strategies are effective. They work so, so well.

Let me give you a quick example. Let’s say your higher self impresses upon you that it’s time to start taking control of your life, and so you decide that you’d like to start meditating to bring some peace and mental clarity into your life.

As you sit down to meditate, suddenly some recent unsavory thing you did or some jagged, negative thought or word flits across the screen of your mind. It sits there, ugly in front of you, and stains the sense of purity and holiness that you are trying to build. Somewhat unsettled, you try to ignore it and focus back on your meditation, but it won’t go away, and a feeling of unworthiness starts to seep in. Almost without realizing it, you begin to feel isolated, dejected, and disconnected from that sense of oneness with God that you were trying to create through meditating.

You think, what am I even doing? I have so many flaws and issues, I’m never going to get there, I’m so messed up. Some negative memory from your childhood suddenly comes to mind, and you start to think about how broken you are and how challenging your life has been. Suddenly you’re flooded with all these feelings, and you feel like negative energy is coming at you from all directions. It feels like a vice that is tightening. Flustered, you decide that if you’re going to feel terrible, you may as well do something useful in the meantime. You pull yourself to your feet and trudge over to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

And the time that you had set aside to feel close to God has suddenly been turned into a time of dejected pot scrubbing. How did this happen? You feel beaten and you feel defeated, but you don’t exactly know how or by whom.

Now, this is a perfect example of a three-point punch with strategy number 5, you are not good enough, strategy number 1, separation from the body of God, and strategy number 30, psychological dislocation. So, your lower self will use these strategies by themselves or in little combinations to throw you off. To make you do things you don’t want to do and to not do the things you want to.

It reminds me of the passage in the Bible from Romans 7:19, where it says, “For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.” This is the battle of armageddon, the war between good and evil that is being waged within us. We are trying to get to God, but the little devil inside of us doesn’t and will start putting up a whole lot of fuss when you decide to get somewhere spiritually. If you want to learn more about this not-self and how to conquer it, I suggest the book The Enemy Within by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Now, wouldn’t you just love to take a look at this devil’s notebook? Just a quick, sneak peak at what tricks are being used so effectively on you? The strategies I mentioned are just three of thirty three strategies that are in your devil’s notebook.

Now, here’s the fantastic news. You are not alone in this this at all. The ascended masters are here as our guides on the path back to God, and they tell us about the pitfalls along the way, including telling us in detail about every single one of the 33 strategies of darkness. They actually tell us exactly what those strategies are!

The book Strategies of Light and Darkness is a compilation of some of these teachings. It’s a small, thin pocketbook that’s easy to read and it gives us a fantastic framework for learning about these strategies and how they work in our lives. Finally, finally, we get to take not only a peek but a good, hard look at the devil’s notebook and see exactly what tricks he’s been using so successfully on us all this time!

Not only that, but the ascended masters also give us the counter strategies of light. So now we know not only their chess moves, but we also know how to counteract them with our own chess moves of light.  Whether the strategy comes through our own unreal self or from an outside source, we will be ready. We will know the enemy and this time, we will be ready.

And this knowing of the enemy is really important. We need to know who we’re up against and how they beat us if we want to start winning in this spiritual battle. The ascended master Lord Maitreya tells us, “Beloved ones, you cannot fight and win the battle of Armageddon if you do not know your enemy. It is as simple as that. It is not enough to know the enemy. You must know the strategies of that enemy.” That’s Lord Maitreya, July 2, 1978.

So, in this upcoming playlist, we’ll discuss all 33 strategies of darkness as well as the 33 strategies of light that counteract them. And by the end of this playlist, we’ll be armed with all the know-how and spiritual tools that we need to win on our spiritual path. We’re going to use the book Strategies of Light and Darkness as our reference. If you want to pick up the book so you can take notes, I’ll paste a link to it below.

When my husband and I were studying this book, we thought how fun it would be to make cards based on the book that have fun little illustrations on them to help us learn and remember these strategies – and to teach them to our kids one day! So here are the cards. There are 33 of them. Onthe front is the strategy of darkness, and on the back in the strategy of light that counteracts it.

We set up the cards in the same way that the book The Screwtape Letters was written: as if instructions are given from a senior devil to a novice one. And for the strategy of light, instructions are given as if they are from an ascended master to you or I.

There are two characters in these illustrations. Mark is the one with brown hair, and he represents you or I, the spiritual seeker who’s trying to find God. Mordred is the one with red hair, and he is Mark’s lower self. We made them look similar because both Mark and Mordred are apart of ourselves, the Dr. Jeckyle and Mr. Hyde of our own beings. That is, until we start winning in this spiritual chess game and defeat our devil within once and for all. So, let’s jump into reading the devil’s notebook with the 33 strategies of light and darkness!

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