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Dear friends, in this more personal video, I share with you the inside story of how I got here with this channel and, more importantly, how YOU can join hands with us to help to MEET THE REQUEST OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS to spread their teachings and help make the ascended masters a household word!

NEWS UPDATE: We are now able to receive donations! We’ve developed a FANTASTIC sponsorship rewards program that includes free digital gifts, perks, backstage passes, and physical gifts – all custom made and based upon the teachings of the ascended masters – as a THANK YOU for your support! Watch the video to learn more!

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Hi everyone, and welcome back to Ascended Masters 101, where we talk about the teachings of the ascended masters. So, many of you have reached out to Alexander and I and said, we love what you’re doing with the channel to help make the ascended masters a household word, how can we get involved? So, in answer to that, today we are finally ready to tell you about an awesome project we have been working on, and I’m so excited to pull the curtain on this! 

But first, for some context, I’d like to give you a quick background. So, I was born into the teachings of the ascended masters. My grandma followed these teachings, my parents, and now me, so I guess I’m a third generation student of the ascended masters.

As I grew up, my Mom showed me what it looks like to have an active, spiritual life, and she was a huge factor in my spiritual education. Many of my childhood memories center around me helping my mom around the kitchen while she explained this or that ascended master principle to me. Or she’d be teaching me the ascended master’s perspective on whatever issue I was going through at the time. And those long talks were so foundational for me. It was like going to church every day, but personalized for me and my needs as I grew up. And I loved it. 

Growing up, my absolute favorite thing was to find creative ways to assimilate these spiritual principles I was learning. I made posters, collages, drawings, booklets, signs, songs, etc. Somehow, seeing it, writing it and putting it in front of me in all these different ways helped me to absorb what I was learning.

As you may know, the ascended masters’ teachings include the major world religions and recognizes them as legitimate paths to God. So my mom took my siblings and I to different churches so we could be exposed to different religions. We attended Hindu festivals, Catholic mass, Buddhist temples, protestant bible churches, I sang in a Catholic Choir, it was great education.

When I got to college, I studied religion from a more scholastic perspective, and that was important for me because I was able to choose the teachings of the ascended masters intentionally as an adult – not just because that’s how I was raised or by default because it was all I knew, but instead because I had seen a wide variety of what is offered in the world of religion and spirituality, and it was still the path that took me the closest to God that I could find. And so I chose it on purpose, with intention, for myself. And I think that choosing it for yourself makes it so much more meaningful. It sticks because it’s your truth, your story. and I know that each of you have your own story to share too, of your soul looking for truth, looking for God, and where that search has taken you.  

When Alexander and I got married, we knew that helping to share these teachings with the world was something we needed to do. So we started making products to help spiritual seekers un-package and apply these teachings in their lives. We made calendars, meditation cards, coloring books, we had so much fun with it. 

And whenever we send out a product, we still get so excited. It never gets old because the teachings of the ascended masters are so transformative that we are thrilled and honored to be even a small apart of that connection happening in someone’s life. 

And so, that is awesome, but then we also started really feeling the need to share these teachings with others. To talk with others about them. So last summer, we launched this YouTube channel. And it has been so rewarding! Thankfully, it has reached well over 100,000 people with the teachings of the ascended masters so far, and we are so thrilled about that! And we have so many ideas for future videos and products.

Now, you may not know this, but I’m a nurse, and I’ve been working as a neonatal ICU nurse for the last four years. Full-time night shift. Before I became a nurse, there was absolutely no way that I would put myself on YouTube. But having such an intense job set my bar really high in terms of what I consider to be difficult and helped prepare me for this. So I actually have my nursing job to thank for giving me the perspective I needed to start this channel. And now it feels like it’s all coming together- my mom’s spiritual education, my studies in college, growing as a nurse, all preparing me to share the teachings of the ascended masters with you in this channel. 

Now, we would love to grow the channel so we can offer you videos more often, more professionally, and in Spanish and other languages, in order to reach as many people as possible who are searchings for these teachings. But we really do need your help to make this happen. Which leads me to what Alexander and I have been working on. If you would like to support this channel, we have put together an awesome, customized sponsorship rewards program that we think you will really, really love. 

So, the sponsorship program is set at different monthly donations, ranging from 5 dollars to a custom amount. And each level offers increasing amounts of rewards. Best of all, these rewards are specifically designed to encourage and inspire you on your own spiritual path with the ascended masters. 

So, for example, every two weeks, you’ll gain access to inspiring, ascended master quotes to motivate you on your spiritual path. They come in six different styles, so you can pick your favorite! Rewards also include backstage passes that give you a behind-the-scenes view of what we’re doing. Rewards include custom, 3D printed spiritual focuses that are mentioned throughout the teachings and custom visualizations, to name a few. These rewards are really our way of thanking you for your support. 

So, I would like to personally invite you to join our cause. We’re doing everything we can to get the word of the ascended masters out there and help make the ascended masters a household word. And with your help, we will be able to go so, so much farther.

If you feel it in your heart to become a sponsor, please visit us at Kumara and click on the sponsor tab at the top of the page to sign up! If you’d like help, please visit our contact us page.

Now – I want you to know, whether you feel called to become a sponsor or not, I truly care about each one of you, and I can’t wait to chat with you in the next video! See you there.

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