Who are the ascended masters?


There is a lot of chatter in the new age community about ascended masters (and there is a lot of misinformation out there, too)! In this video, we’ll discuss who the ascended masters are. We’ll dispel some myths, get introduced to some real live ascended masters, and learn about how we can study under these graduates from the schoolroom of earth to unlock the keys to life’s biggest questions and follow in their footsteps to be victors over time and space.

What you look like spiritually


The scientific community has gotten pretty good at knowing what we look like physically. Muscle, tissue, organs, cells, blood, lymph. And of course we know that that’s not all that we are, especially spiritually. But, then what DO we look like? Wouldn’t it be cool to know? The ascended masters actually explain this, and this video spills the beans.

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