Ascension requirement 2: Align your four lower bodies

Friends, here it is: what the ascended masters explain as requirement #2 for making your own personal ascension, just as Jesus, Buddha and countless others have done. This requirement is unusual, fascinating, and will help jumpstart your spirituality to the next level!

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Hello friends and welcome to ascended Masters 101 where we talk about the teachings of the ascended masters. In this video I want to talk about the second requirement for making your ascension, which is to align your four lower bodies. If you’d like to watch part one and learn about what the four lower bodies are, check out this video, and if the ascension is new to you, check out this video. I’ll post links below for both of those.

So- requirement one was to balance the threefold flame. Requirement number two is to align the four lower bodies.

I personally really like this requirement because it’s very obvious in terms of what you need to do to meet this requirement. Plus, it’s such an important concept of spirituality that pretty much every world religion has those who have explored and mastered these principles, so there’s lots of support. 

In part one, we talked about what our four lower bodies are and why they need to be controlled and purified, so now let’s talk about how to do so. The ascended masters have given us some very helpful tools for this.

First of all I want to mention the violet flame, which is part of a powerful form of spoken prayer called The Science of the Spoken Word that’s taught by the ascended masters. You can use the violet flame to transform the imperfect energies of your being into positive energies. To learn more and to use the violet flame right away, check out the video called “The Violet Flame Explained”

A Second tip is from the Ascended Master Zarathustra, who has given us a huge gift in the form of his mantra that we can give at any time. It’s called “O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life.”

Here is what Zarathustra says about it:

“This mantra, beloved, will call my Electronic Presence around you. It is not short, because through your giving of the mantra, whilst you are giving it, I am realigning your chakras, assisting you to balance the threefold flame at all costs and to bring God-control to every aspect of your life.”

Pearls of Wisdom vol 35 no 36. 

That’s from Pearls of Wisdom vol 35 no 36. 

So that’s an incredible gift! With one prayer, you receive the personal assistance of Zarathustra in not only realigning your chakras, but also balancing your threefold flame (which is also a requirement for the ascension) and bringing God-control to every aspect of your life! We just heard from Maitreya that we must hold our four lower bodies in God-control. 

Now even though Zarathustra doesn’t specifically spell it out, I would certainly consider my four lower bodies to be one of the aspects of my life. Based on this quote, you can give the following prayer or any version of it you choose, before giving the mantra:

“I call for Zarathustra and his electronic presence to realign my chakras, assist me to balance my threefold flame at all costs and to bring God-control to every aspect of my life, including my four lower bodies.”


I have friends who give this particular mantra multiple times every day specifically because it helps so much with these two requirements for the ascension. 

I’ll post a link below to a YouTube video that has the audio and the words to this mantra so you can try it out for yourself.

So the third and last tool I want to talk about is self-observation. The ascended master Saint Germain says,

“As Buddha taught, the key to self-mastery is self-observation.”  

Vol. 39 No. 30

This tool of self-observation is really effective in changing the habit patterns that created the negative karma in the first place. Basically, self observation is just taking an earnest look at ourselves—at our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our actions and our psychology and seeing where we can improve. And then, when we know where we can improve, we can do the work of, bit by bit, replacing the less desirable parts of ourselves with their more Christ-like counterparts. Basically, this tool helps us to first identify and then pull the weeds in the garden of our being.

Remembering to observe yourself throughout the day can be hard, especially when you have a job and kiddos and all sorts of responsibilities. What has worked for me is to set random timers on my phone throughout the day to quickly check in on myself and see how I’m doing on a particular point. 

So, say you’re observing your feelings, your emotional body. Whenever the timer goes off, you take a quick moment to see what the state of your feeling world is. Are you feelings calm and peaceful, or are you feeling irritated or depressed or listless? Take note of your observations so you can start to identify your main weeds. Then, lovingly bring your feeling world back to a point of peace. You can also wear a bracelet or a ring or something that reminds you, every time you see it, to bring your energies back to that point of equanimity. You are in control.

Now, this is hard. This is like a spiritual workout. The Ascended Master Lord Lanto actually comments on this. He says, “Self-control that is control of the emotions and the feeling world is one of the keys to self-mastery which some of our disciples find difficult to employ.” That Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 12 No. 29.

So, training your emotional body takes practice and it isn’t easy, but you absolutely can train yourself to remain in a positive emotional state. 

And of course this spiritual workout goes for your thoughts, words and actions as well. You can watch yourself carefully in any of your four lower bodies and as soon as a negative emotion or thought or word or action enters your awareness, immediately discard it and don’t let it grow into something bigger. 

As Mark Prophet said, you can’t help if a bird lands on your head, but you can keep it from building a nest there! A negative thought may pop into your head and you can either let it go or you can focus on it and magnify it and expound upon it until it becomes this huge thing that you’re now all riled up about. That’s letting the bird build a nest that perhaps ought not to be there.

Now I do want to add that when you see repetitive problems in your life, deep seated problems that are hard to get rid of, putting attention to working out your psychology might be necessary. In fact, working on resolving our psychology to fix these deep seated issues is a major key to making spiritual progress. 

There is an exceptional tool called the cosmic clock that outlines the major pitfalls to avoid on the path to your ascension. It also tells us which virtues the ascended masters most want us to take on the path to the ascension. I feel like it really helps me frame my efforts at self improvement and keeps me from getting overwhelmed. This tool was given to us by the ascended master Mother Mary and it’s a must if you’re serious about making your ascension. To learn about this tool, check out the link below where you can sign up for a newsletter to learn about the cosmic clock.

So, mastering yourself is a huge cornerstone of the teachings of the ascended masters and of your spiritual progress towards your ascension. Accomplishing this is a big deal. Lao Tzu said, “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” So getting a grip on this a huge accomplishment. 

So, switching gears here, let’s talk about how to align our four lower bodies. The ascended masters explain that you can think of these four vehicles as four colanders or drums, one inside of the other. The etheric body is the largest. Inside that is the mental body, then the emotional body, and finally the physical body. That’s from TSL encyclopedia.

Now, light from God is supposed to flow through a dot pattern that is perforated upon the fabric of each of man’s bodies. The light can only shine brilliantly and steadfastly when the perforations are in perfect alignment, which is when the holes of the four “colanders” are directly opposite each other.

When the holes of the “colanders” are completely out of alignment, the light can at best only seep through. The person who has this becomes sluggish and inefficient.

When I was researching for this video, I found that the dot pattern of each body is different. And the dot pattern for each person is different because everyone has a unique divine blueprint. So this is an equation that seems to be unique to each person.

Now, this was really interesting, but I wanted to know more about what it means to align your four lower bodies. On a practical level, how do we line up the holes in the colanders? I honestly couldn’t find much, so I reached out to one of our ministers, and a friend of mine, Carla G, to see what she has discovered. She is a long-time student of the ascended masters teachings, a minister in our church, and has been the head of summit university for many years. 

She told me that she had wanted to understand this ascension requirement better herself, and that she had found the best original explanation in Theosophy. This is her distillation from connecting their teachings with ours. 

She said, “They (Djwal Kul, actually) explain that each of the four lower bodies has seven layers of energy and vibration, from coarse or dense to fine, and that part of our spiritual development is to bring the vibration of each body up to the same point or level.

For instance, if we are at level 2 in our emotional body and level 4 in our mental body, the bodies are not properly aligned and the light of our Presence can’t flow through unobstructed. So, a person with this profile would want to work specifically on the emotional body and increase its vibration until it lines up with that of the mental body. Same for the other bodies. Then, when all four are vibrating at the same level, the law of correspondence kicks in and light can easily flow through the bodies.”

Carla has explained this in simple terms to Summit University students, such as “bring each body up to the same vibration/level of purity so the light can flow through” and that has made sense to people. So thank you, Carla, for that explanation. 

So, to summarize, we know that our four lower bodies surround our soul and are our four vehicles for operating in time and space. We know that we need to purify and improve each of our four lower bodies through prayers, self observation and working out our psychology. And we know that in order to ascend, we need to align the holes of the colanders of these bodies, by bringing the vibration of each body up to the same level so God’s light can shine through us unobstructed. 

I want to end with some thoughts from the ascended master Jesus on how you can know when your four lower bodies are balanced. In Pearls if Wisdom, vol 33, no 18, he says, “Joy is the sign of inner resolution and balance, of four lower bodies at peace in [the] service of God.”

So, now I’m really curious to hear from you in the comments below. Do you have a practice that you use to keep your thoughts and emotions in balance? I think we’d all love to hear from each other on this one, since I think there’s a lot of richness to be shared in our experiences and spiritual practice.

So, thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this and would like to help me continue making these videos for free, please click the subscribe button. You will receive an update when my next video arrives! Until the next time. 

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